Killer Whales Break records during the Philswimming Invitational Swim Meet!

The Philippine Killer Whale Team yet again made a mark in the invitational meet last July 30-31 at Antipolo City.

After just a week of rest from the previous competition, PKWST swimmers bagged more medals and trophies, with an outstanding performance in their swim events.

From Record holders, Highest pointer, and overall team points, Philippine Killer Whale swimmers marked their names on the list!

Philippine Killer Whale 1st runner up!

Most Outstanding PKWST Swimmers


Drei Mabilin, 6yrs old

Drei is one of the rising young swimmers of the team. Just last week, he brought home an MOS trophy, and now he is flexing yet another one!

Kylee Magtangob, 8 yrs old

In training, Kylee manages to keep up with her older team mates. Now we can see the results from her hard work as she consistently brings home trophies.

Yohan Cabana, 17 yrs old

Yohan is one of the Generals. It is not a surprise that he keeps giving an outstanding performance during competitions because he is known to give his best in all his swims. A Killer Whale indeed!

JN Paderes, 20 yrs old

JN made waves in this meet as he broke a 5 years old meet record in the 50M Backstroke! He also broke his personal best time and replaced it with 26.62 seconds in the AAAA Division!


Aidepp De Luna, 14 yrs old

Showing up in training even if she doesn’t feel like it, Aidepp reaped what she sow during this competition and proving that dedication and persistence plays a big role. Congratulations Aidepp!

Julia Basa

Our beautiful brand ambassador did it once again! Congratulations on your consistent achievements Julia!


Emma Paz

Emma is also one of the Killer Whale’s future general. As she continue to be a fighter, it will not be long until she become one of the best in the team!

New Record Holders

Here are the swimmers who replaced the previous pool records made at the Bosay Aquatic pool with their own personal best;

  • JN Paderes, 20

50M Backstroke Previous record: 29.37 – New record: 26.62 AAAA  

100M Backstroke Previous record: 1:05.75 – New record: 1:01.46

  • Jasmine Mojdeh, 16

50M Butterfly Previous record: 31.41 – New record: 30.03

100M Butterfly Previous record: 1:04.72 – New record: 1:00.25                                                                                                   

  • Jules Mirandilla, 20

50M Butterfly Previous record: 26.66 – New record: 26.28 AAAA

  • Lance Lotino, 18

100M Breaststroke Previous record: 1:18.44 – New record: 1:11.81

  • Ashby Canlas, 14

100M Breaststroke Previous record: 1:18.44 – New record: 1:11.81

  • Kylee Magtangob, 8

100M Breaststroke Previous record: 2:06.96 – New record: 2:03.66

Our team made a memorable experience and definitely left the Killerwhale footprint during this meet. Congratulations to everyone who did their best and pushed themselves to the limit!

To our Head Coach Virgilio De Luna, we would always be grateful for supporting the Killerwhale swimmers to perform at their best during these competitions.

On to our next competition that we will dominate. Congrats Philippine Killer Whales!

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