“The Captain” Jordan Lobos

Jordan Lobos is a Junior Philippine record holder in the 200M breaststroke. At just 17 years old which was last year, he replaced the breaststroke record which is 2:22.23  record of Gerard Bordado (18 years old) in the 16-18 men’s 200M Breaststroke.

Jordan is also a Philippine TYR brand ambassador and one of the rising swimmers that brings honor to The Philippine Killer Whale Swimming Team and to our country.

But before all the gleams and glamour, there have been many obstacles Jordan faced during his 11 years in swimming.

One of the most difficult things he faced was his rare condition where he developed rashes and body lumps that caused him to itch in his whole body during every competition. He said that it occurs every time he is nervous. In his first few competitions he competed in, that condition became a hindrance to his races.

Through time, after many attempts of healing it, it was cured by consistently building his self-confidence, belief in himself and realization that there is nothing to fear because he knew that he gives his 100% best every training.

In an interview, he was asked; “Pano mo nalalabanan yung kaba tuwing laban?”

He answered “Iniisip ko na i-enjoy lang yung laban. Dapat kasi pag lalaban ka masaya ka na lalangoy, pero at the same time iniisip mo din yung mga kailangan mo gawin. Kapag kasi naging balance yung dalwang yun, makakalangoy ka ng walang pressure”

Jordan has a ritual every time he steps on the diving board during competitions;

He stated that, it is his way of hyping himself. The clap means “Let’s do this!” and the pointing of the finger to the sky means “this swim is for you God.”

Things you need to know about Jordan

  • His life as a swimmer

Jordan is the fastest breaststroker in the team. His times in his events are;

50M – 30.32, 100M – 1:04.64, 200M – 2:21.20

Jordan have been a Killer Whale ever since he started his swimming career. He’s now swimming more than half his life, but despite the longevity, he never thought of quitting because of the love and passion that he has in this sport.

Because of swimming, he’s already been to many places nationally and internationally. The most recent where he’s been to is Paris and Switzerland. Competing within and outside the Philippines is what competitive swimmers are aiming for to showcase their talents globally. And this is what Jordan have done through the years.

He was offered and received a scholarship from his school and helped his parents by having a full scholarship. Jordan was definitely proud of this achievement, more so the pride he gave to his parents.

  • Jordan as a Team Captain

Jordan was appointed as a team captain and been so for 4 years now. Many of his teammates said he’s one of the most reliable and responsible captain. His love for swimming radiates to the team which helps The Killerwhale team push themselves to strive for greatness. Leading by example indeed.

  • Jordan holding off swimming for the next 2 years

As a member of the Church Of Jesus Christ Of latter day saints, he has a duty to serve on a mission for 2 years after he graduated from Senior Highschool. He will spend the next 2 years to fully dedicate his time to the Lord.

In an interview he was asked “What is your plan after 2 years?”

His response was, after 2 years, he will surely return to swimming because he has not achieved his ultimate dream of becoming an official member of the Philippine Team.

  • What swimming means to Jordan Lobos

Swimming is life and family.

Life kasi nabigyan ako ng swimming ng magandang buhay. Nakapag aral ako ng hindi nahihirapan ang pamilya ko, napunta ako sa way na nakita ko ang purpose ko at nagkaroon ako ng goal which is yun nga maging official na philippine team swimmer”.

Family kasi madami akong nakilalang tao na hanggang ngayon kasama ko sa journey ko”.

As an athlete he said that consistency and enjoyment is one of the most important thing in swimming because without these, it will be very hard to improve.

Jordan, being the captain of the Philippine Killerwhale, has helped a lot of his teammates improve and succeed. And just as he is supporting each and every member of the team, we would like to assure him that the whole Killerwhale team is behind his journey.

The Killerwhale Team is proud of you Jordan and we’ll be waiting for your return and swim right beside you once again!

Full interview of Jordan below.

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