4 year old Duane Alejo wins his first ever swimming competition medal

At the 23rd SLP Competition – Novice category, Duane Alejo won his first ever swimming competition medal as the only four year old medalist that managed to bag a total of six medals from all his events.

Duane is the youngest member of the Killer Whale family. He started swimming when he was two years old and still wearing diapers during swimming lessons.

One of his most remarkable swim during the 23rd SLP is his 100M Individual Medley. His coach said that this event was a mistaken entry because Duane was not yet trained to swim the Individual Medley, but they chose to push through and swim this event.

While waiting at the ready bench, it was the only time that Duane learned the sequence of I.M. When asked if he is nervous to swim this event that he didn’t train for, he firmly said “NO”.

Duane swimming the first lap of the Individual Medley.

Butterfly is one of the hardest swimming stroke but Duane kept the pace with his older competitor.

Duane currently on his second lap

While swimming backstroke, Duane accidentally drank pool water, but despite all that, he did not stop and continued to swim.

Swimming his last two laps!
He swam his first 4laps experience without stopping!

The furthest Duane swam before this was 50meters and this was the first time he completed a 100meter swim.

He is known to be a bubbly kid outside the pool, but while competing, he becomes quiet, gets laser focused and determined to reach his goal, which is to WIN!

We are so proud of your improvements Duane! Train hard and have fun, and you will soon develop to be one of the generals(term for fastest) , of our team!

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