Experiences swimming can give — The sport we love!

As you start to read this article, there may be different reasons why you would continue reading on. Either you are interested to learn more about swimming, you are starting your swimming journey, or just like us — already got hook and fell in love with the sport.

And with that, we want to share with you some of the reasons why we love this sport so much!

Experience Awesomeness

If you ask any athlete, Being part of a team is one hell of an experience. Having that feeling of belongingness and camaraderie is something you will never forget. Swimming, may seem at first as an individual sport, but is definitely not lacking on these experiences to make you feel that you are part of a TEAM.

  • Monthly competitions

Joining competitions is a great opportunity to showcase your improvement as a swimmer after putting in the time, effort, and hard work in training. Attending these swim meets will be one of the unforgettable experience a swimmer will have.

In every competition every swimmer widens their scope of friends where many of our swimmers have built good relationships comin from all parts of the country. As many of the swimmers call it; competitors in the water but great friends out of the water. This is a great way to practice sportsmanship.

  • Events with the team

PKWST B.E.S.T got to try the first Swim League Philippines’ Sarimanok swimsuits in collaboration with FINIS!

Swimmers definitely know how to have fun. Put them in the water, add in some fun environment, and most importantly bring them all together and you will know the real meaning of FUN!

Philippine Killer Whale swimmers exploring the city of love during their France Invitational competition.

  • Winning medals and breaking records

One of the most rewarding feeling as an athlete is winning. But besides winning medals, winning against yourself, and the thought in your head that say’s “you can’t” is what makes you a true winner.

Having a chance to represent your country as an athlete is one of the most rewarding moment you can experience in your career. This is definitely every swimmers’ dream. With hard work, sacrifice, and the help of the team, this is definitely one that can be achieved.

  • Traveling

Philippine Killer Whale’s Behrouz Swim Team members represented the Philippines in their first ever Europe invitational competition and got to meet two of the Olympic swimmers from france!

  • Having friends

It helps you practice discipline 

Once you decide to become an athlete, there’s a program and structure that an athlete should follow. These programs and structures are set in order for you to have maximum development in your career. For the Philippine Killer Whale swimmers, these are some that we follow;

  • Ensure to have at least 8 hours of sleep.
  • Avoid “junk foods” such as sodas and high sodium snacks.
  • Maintain a proper diet and manage what you eat
  • Manage your screen time (most swimmers who have longer screen time tends to lose focus during training and competitions)

It teaches proper time management

Almost all the members of our team are student-athletes. As a student athlete they learn to balance their responsibilities at a young age. You learn to show up in training even if you don’t feel like going, and you learn to alter your priorities in ways that fits your lifestyle but at the same time doing all the responsibilities you have.


Swimming is a type of aerobic exercise that can benefit your body, mind, and lifestyle. Swimming is one of the best exercises prescribed by doctors to;

  • Boost the lungs
  • Cure asthma 
  • Scoliosis
  • And to strengthen the heart. 
  • It is also proven that swimming boosts cognition and is now also being used as a therapy for some mental health problems. 

These are just SOME of the benefits and reasons why swimming is one of the most fun activity you can experience as an athlete, and as someone who loves fitness.

Swimming, this sport we love, is not only for the young ones but for EVERYONE who’s looking for the thrill that swimming can give!

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