Killerwhale’s “Design your Merch” Winner

Chloe Laurente’s merch design is so new and unique, we are all here for it!

Last August 31 Philippine Killer Whale had an t-shirt merch designing contest. It is made to showcase the creative side of the Killer Whale swimmers.

A lot of our swimmers participated in this event, those from Batanggas, Lucena and Manila. But one design caught our attention.

The design incredibly showcased the cycle of life of a swimmer that fits the “Swimming is life” theme.

Besides the fantastic design, the inspiration behind her work is so amazing!

Self-reflection was what brought me to create that type of design.

My main goal in making this design was to make a shirt that could be wearable even outside training grounds, wherein swimmers can where the shirt in a daily basis or even for their OOTD’s.

I had to do multiple research before deciding on the design inspo, but unfortunately I found none on the internet that could satisfy me.

I just thought of the word ‘LIFE’. Life is a cycle, and as swimmers, swimming is already a part of our cycle in life.

I then got to think about possible actions in swimming that could relate to the word cycle, which led me to visualize the circular movement we initiate in a tumble turn.

Tumble turns makes us bounce back and forth in the pool in which it’s very similar from what I understand in life thus far where we are required to bounce back in every hardships we encounter.

I thought that it would be a great illustration and symbol for the back print of this shirt. I did a digital drawing for the tumble turn and played with matching the rest of the designs until it looked pleasant to me.

Honestly it took me a lot of trial and errors, but I had fun with this design making contest. Thank you Philippine Killer Whale swim team!”

It is truly inspiring how she created an art from her daily life as a swimmer.

But aside from Chloe’s design, many of our swimmers also participated and their works are really good and definitely worth to be showcased as well!

Surely, our swimmers are so artistic! Here in Killerwhale, we just don’t encourage in developing the Killerwhale instinct but also the creativeness that lies in each and everyone.

Thank you for participating Killer Whales! Your creativity is so impressive!

Thank you for your support in our first of many contests like this!

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