Batang Pinoy ng Lucena 2022

All participating delegations must submit the following requirements on or before the deadline:

  • Original copy of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Issued Birth Certificate.
  • Medical Clearance w/ license number signed by a medical doctor within the last two (2) months prior to submission of documents
  • Vaccination Certificate from Department of Health at
  • Waiver of Liability Form Signed by the parent/guardian of the athletes attached w/ a copy of the parent/guardian’s valid ID
  • Official Delegation List duly signed by the Local Chief Executive, with the LGU’s Dry Seal

List of Swimmers

*Note – please add fields in case more is needed

* 15 and under – NO VACCINE NO PLAY

* 12 under – 2 DOSE

* 13 Over – WITH 1 BOOSTER

IMPORTANT: For the requirements, kindly share the necessary documents through Google Drive at

For more info, you may also visit:

Other Needed Forms:

Please Access the link below to fill in your information