Road to the 8th FINA World Junior Championships

Last July 22, 2022, 4 members of the The Philippine Killerwhale – B.E.S.T received a great news. It was an announcement of the qualified swimmers to compete in one of the most prestigious and elite scale competition that swimming has to offer for junior swimmers.  This was an announcement on who will be qualifying for the 8th FINA World Junior Championships to be held in Lima, Peru.

There were 8 swimmers selected who will represent the country this coming August 30 – September 4 and you can just imagine how hard and competitive the road was to be selected for this event.

The selection for the qualified swimmers  who will compete in this prestigious competition was based on the top pointers in Philippine swimming and yes, 4 of which is from our very own — Philippine Killerwhale’s B.E.S.T

Get to know more about Behrouz Elite Swim Team’s (B.E.S.T) pride as they take on their journey to this prestigious competition.

Jasmine Mojdeh

Jasmine is a Philippine National Junior record holder, and is one of the fastest swimmer in her age group. She is known for being the dedicated and consistent athlete when it comes to achieving her goals in swimming.

Heather White

With a total of 673 FINA Points, Heather is the Highest Female FINA pointer who will represent our country in the 8th FINA World Junior Championships.

Amina Bungubung

Amina is one of the Killer Whale swimmers who exhibited the most improvement within a short span of time. Ever since she found the right momentum, it became very evident in her swim meets but didn’t stop there. She continued to strive for improvement and she’s now one of the Junior tanker who will proudly represent the Philippines.

Ruben White

Ruben is making his way to the top as he continues to make a mark in every competition he competes in. He always manages to swim at his best in every meet. These results are only possible because of the dedication he has in his training program and striving to be always at his best.

Ever since this announcement, our 4 Junior Tanker trains with the mindset of bringing pride to themselves, their families, their team and most especially our country and make everyone proud.

The Killer Whale’s B.E.S.T program helped these four swimmers to prepare and now that there are only some days left before this elite competition starts, let it be known that the Killerwhale family will be praying for you and will rally behind you for your success!

We wish all swimmers the best of luck in this upcoming 8th FINA World Junior Championships!

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