The 25th SLP series is a selection meet to qualify and compete in International competitions. This swim meet will take place on August 20, 2022 in the Sta. Rosa Long Course Covered Pool.

Only those swimmers who will manage to win the Most Outstanding Award will qualify to take part in the said International competitions.

Free plane ticket and accommodation sponsored by Swim League Philippines management will be awarded to one swimmer who gets the highest points.

The selection criteria will be based on 25th SLP competition individual points. The full details of the point system will be discussed during the coaches meeting.

The 1st International competition is scheduled on November 21-24, 2022 in Vietnam.

If in case you fell short to get the MOS awards, you will still have the option to join and compete in the said international swim meets. Those non-MOS swimmers who wants to participate in the International competitions MUST;

  • Sponsor the 2nd highest point holder swimmer with a plane ticket and accommodation.
  • Meet the Qualifying Time of the said International Meet.

This is the first time for Swim League Philippines grassroots will be representing the Philippines in an international event ever since the pandemic started.

Join now and be one of the first SLP swimmers to represent our country in the International stage this year!

For more details about this competition please click the information Kit linked below.


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